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    Church in Most

    • Mosta, Malta
    • Church in Most$$
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      Built in 1860, the Church of St. Mary, also known as the Dome of the Bridge, is the main attraction of the city Bridge, located in the central part of the island of Malta. Because of this, many Catholic church called Malta "Island of God Providence ".

      Temple built simple parishioners in his spare time for 38 years - from 1833 to 1871 years. Bright interior trim and round shapes of the church left a lasting impression.

      The majestic dome of the church in terms of size is the fourth in the world and is known for the episode during the Second World War in 1942 while serving a bomb pierced the dome fell and rolled on the floor of the church, but did not explode. Today bomb exhibited in the museum, adjacent to the church.

      Major religious event which is celebrated here is a celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin, which is carried out in front of the church and declare a day of joy, fun and overall well-being.

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