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    Lower Gardens Baracca

    • Valletta, Malta
    • Lower Gardens Baracca$$
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      During a walk through located on the edge of the Lower Peninsula Baracca gardens have a feeling a sharp contrast from nearby Upper gardens. The main difference is that there is a much quieter, more comfortable, many crowds often do not reach here.

      In the lower gardens Baracca atmosphere is to ensure that collect his thoughts, to enjoy the tranquility and spectacular views. Especially good to sit on the beach after a long walk through the city's attractions. And if you're lucky, you can even hear the birds singing - in Malta it does not happen often.

      Among the attractions that are worth seeing in the lower gardens - a monument angeltsu Alexander Graham Bell, which is built in the form of an ancient temple. This is a sign of gratitude commander, in 1798 led a revolt against the French in Malta. On the shore of the sea is a statue of a warrior and the magnificent ringing Precipitation. This memory of the heroes who died during the Second World War for the freedom of the country.

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