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    Museum of the History of limestone

    • Siggiewi, Malta
    • Museum of the History of limestone$$
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      Familiarity with the everyday life of the island is not possible without a visit to the Museum of History of the unique limestone. In the former quarry, you will hear the story of the traditional crafts of the Maltese - limestone mining - and its use in construction, as well as application of this stone decoration works and creating patterns.

      The tour starts with a presentation in the theater, then you can walk on their own with an audio guide through the park with a diorama showing the different ways of extraction and processing of limestone - from ancient to modern. There will also be an opportunity to see stone products, which are used by the ancient maltyytsy at home.

      The museum park has an ancient well, a 30-meter waterfall, a pond, a zoo with birds and animals of Malta. The museum contains a fairly rich collection of ancient fossils - teeth of prehistoric animals, fossils of plants and shellfish, which are more than a hundred million years, the skeletons of different animals.

      On the territory of the museum complex is a cafe and gift shop, which is considered one of the best in Malta. You can get to attractions with jacks on the bus. The museum is open daily.

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