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    Ancient fortress Senglea

    • Senglea, Malta
    • Ancient fortress Senglea$$
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      Maltese fortress city of Senglea - is one of three cities located on a narrow promontory jutting into the harbor of Grand Harbour (the old name of which - Іsla which represents a reduction from the word "peninsula"). In 1551 the Master of Claude de la Senglom were built strengthening - forts St. Michael and St. Angelo, defended Sengleyu during the Great Siege in 1565.

      In Senglea on the same cape is one of the symbols of Malta - a hexagonal tower Vadetta famous by numerous photographs in guidebooks, which overlooks the harbor and Valletta. She fashioned the eye, the ear and the bird symbolize observation of the sea.

      In addition to the tower Vadetta here deserve special attention of the Church of St. Philip, St. Joseph, Sacre Infermeriya, Bishop's Palace and the University, and is underground temple Hal-Saflieni and Fort St. Michael.

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