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    Botanical Garden of St. Anthony

    • Lija, Malta
    • Botanical Garden of St. Anthony$$
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      Botanical Garden of Saint Anthony - an oasis in Malta, where you can find exotic flowers, trees and shrubs. This is one of the favorite places not only tourists, but also the indigenous population of Malta.

      Open to the public since 1882, garden captures its guests with exquisite sidewalks, sculptures and decorative ponds, where swans swim charming. Here you are surrounded flowers and trees from around the world, including a variety of palm trees, cypresses, araukarisy and other exotic plants, some of which were planted more than three centuries ago.

      Traditionally, for many years the head of the various states in the garden planted a tree in memory of their stay in Malta. Most of the garden is the orange groves, crops which, by the Government of Malta, sound guests as gifts for Christmas.

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